Why Pinterest for Ecommerce Drives Highly Profitable Sales


Pinterest Is An Ecommerce Marketers Dream

Pinterest for ecommerce is by far the most overlooked marketing platform in the social media space. With over 200 million monthly users this marketing channel is the most lucrative for social media marketers. It’s essentially a visual Google search engine. It’s like Google Shopping expect it actually looks good and the products being shown to you are displayed in a beautiful elongated pin that you can save and think about later!

When thinking about Pinterest it’s important to understand the organic strategy versus the paid. For paid promoted pins you can help drive massive referral traffic to your site long term. What I mean by this is for every save/repin that your content gets, it receives 11 more impressions before it dies down.This means for minimal spend you can drive ongoing referral traffic that is the gift that keeps on giving.

Did I mention the average order value of Pinterest is 20-30% higher than any other social media platform. That means the buyers on here are prime for luxury goods and higher end products.

Pinterest Excels At Prospecting

The demographics on this platform are incredible. 70% of pinners are women and 63% of them are ages 25-54. These pinners LOVE to discover new brands on this platform and actually appreciate the algorithm that serves them promoted pins and content that the channel thinks they may be interested in. This is a discovery platform where people want to discover! For example this is a major differentiator to Facebook and Instagram which are more social networks aimed to engage people with people. Pinterest is built to engage people with brands and products and people are going there for this exact reason. 1 out of 2 people made a purchase after seeing a promoted pin. That is HUGE!

Pinterest For SEO

Have you noticed when you search for certain products or images on Google that a Pinterest graphic or link shows up first? Pinterest has some valuable SEO tools that can help your business get discovered in the search engines.


Best Strategy for E Commerce Sales

The best strategy for ecommerce starts with educated prospecting. We feel it’s best to explore multiple audiences and interest segments with video ads, awareness and traffic campaigns. It’s best to do keyword research outside of Pinterest to see what people are searching for on other shopping networks. Once you have a good sense for the queries that are coming in you can test these keywords to see what yields the best results.

Make sure to create audiences on a “View Content” basis so you can determine which type of product each user is spending time on for retargeting. Once you have these audiences set up and defined you can craft your retargeting message to speak to what they were looking at. Your bids should reflect how valuable that user is to the conversion. For example we would always want to bid up on a user that added to cart or is a top 25% time spender on the site. If they are desktop then we would bid up even higher! These metrics all tell us something specific and we can gage how well each audience does with ROAS reporting.  

Check out our Pinterest Ads page for some metrics on how these work so well and to request a free review of your account!

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