Top Ten Website Visuals Essential for Brand Likability


Lets be honest, there are a lot of ugly websites out there. If your website was designed in 2014 or earlier… you may be one of them and in need of an update. Because technology and design trends are evolving at such a rapid pace, you need to make sure your brand visuals are aligned with your goals. Curious as to what people judge your site most on?  Read below!

  • Logo: This is a big one. People almost immediately judge your brand based off of your logo. If your logo is old or grainy or doesn’t seem to inspire… consider a rebrand. I have seen so many awesome companies struggle with e-commerce sales because their branding is just off. People don’t trust you if your logo is not fantastic. It doesn’t have to be colorful and loud. In fact, sometimes the subtle one-word logos with an amazing font are the strongest. It’s important to have a professional take this on. It is so worth the money. You can always run a contest for a logo for cheap! Try for help with your logo.
  • Colors: every color has a feeling to it… you want to make sure these are invoking the feelings you want your customer to feel when associating with your brand!
  • Typeface: Who knew there was such a big difference between a serif, sans serif, hand written, or water color typeface. Well there is and its important to have a fresh modern feel with your typeface.   You want to have a balanced weight and there are so many different options out there it can be overwhelming. Visit to browse tons of free fonts.
  • Responsive design: Does your website have a clear mobile design? It is just as attractive as the desktop? Make sure your responsive design is user friendly and beautiful to the eye.
  • Images: This is an obvious one but you wouldn’t believe how many brands have random images that don’t connect to their audience at all. Just because an image is cool doesn’t mean it belongs on your homepage. You need images that connect to your demographic. Make sure these are high quality and fit with your branding guidelines. Don’t have access to expensive stock images? Try they are free!
  • Infographics: strong infographics are the way to communicate with your customer visually. People have text blindness so if you can make your information visual it will stand out way more and be digested much faster. You can create your own infographics using!
  • Clear navigation: This would seem like a no brainer but many times people do not have clear navigation. The UX is all over the place and people get lost on your site. Guess what? When they get lost you lose out. They won’t come back.
  • Testimonials: These should be colorful and easy to read, and are essential for earning trust. Make sure they are prominent and bold and have at least one on your homepage.
  • Social Proof: Your social channels should also be displayed in a way so people can easily find you and follow you. You don’t need every channel to be set up, but have at least 3!
  • Brand elements: The brand elements of a site are what makes it feel homey and unique. This can be a custom designed flag, a color banner to divide the page breaks, unique social button design (see below), or just a fun icon to act as your navigation. The options are endless with these and you can have fun creating these. Just make sure these act as supports to your branding and don’t overpower it.

Of course there are so many other important elements to your website and brand. I think video is the most important rich media for 2016. You can create videos on your own today using IMovie or even a template from We are our own content creators today. There are also tons of awesome companies out there with niche skills to help you develop content for your own site. Here are my top 5:

Overall, you have to develop your content over time so it best fits your needs and your customers. If you have any questions or would like a free assessment of your site please feel free to contact me at

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