Sozoe featured on the Top Pinterest Marketing & Advertising Agencies for 2022


Boasting more than 478 million active users per month, Pinterest is fast becoming one of the most popular social media platforms. In fact, according to Pinterest statistics, the social platform has the second most visits of any social media platform in the United States.

Sure, it still has a lot more female users, but if you keep in mind that women are still regarded as the main decision-makers when it comes to which household products to buy, it offers a lot of potent ial for this niche specifically. That said, it has also found favor among millennials and forms a huge part of their buyer journey. So, you can also use it to tap into that target market too.

In short, Pinterest is no longer just a visual social network where users can share photos of their latest craft project or search for kids’ birthday cakes and nursery decor ideas. Nowadays, it’s used for all types of business and marketing. Though, as the platform has evolved so much over recent years, it’s best to partner with an agency that specializes in Pinterest marketing. To help you make the most of the platform from a marketing point of view, we’ve compiled this list of 18 agencies that have a good track record when it comes to Pinterest advertising and marketing.

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