Jacqueline Ball, Co-Founder of Sozoe Creative Offers An Innovative (and interruptive) Pinterest Marketing Solution


Using Pinterest Advertising Can Give Businesses a Major Advantage to Reach Their Ideal Customer Through AI Learning & Personalized Product Recommendations.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, USA, March 24, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Jacqueline Ball, co-founder and digital strategist for Sozoe Creative, has discovered huge advantages to business marketing by using Pinterest. She and her team work with businesses to build their online advertising portfolio to optimize campaigns, design creatives, and help businesses prepare for holiday periods or key dates.

Sozoe Creative’s general business model is extremely customized according to the needs of the clients, and their Pinterest Marketing Solution is no exception. and Ball shares “we spend a considerable amount of time getting to know our client business model. Supply chain, COGS, margins, overhead- we get to really know them and how they interact. . What’s your return on ad spend per product, and per category? We really understand their business model. It’s almost like business consulting. We have extremely high retention because our solutions are tailor made.”

Sozoe Creative’s beginnings date back 8 years, and social media marketing was just beginning. Jacqueline and her team set out to master it, creating a niche in Pinterest marketing. “Pinterest was looked at as a wedding planning platform for women,” shares Jacqueline. “That’s how it started, but it has dramatically changed.” WIth a relatively low ad cost and a quickly growing demographic including now including men, Pinterest is becoming an un-ignorable solution for companies looking to gain massive returns from their ads.

“We are consistently hitting a 600%-700% return on ad spend [on Pinterest] for e-commerce clients with a quality product that matches the audience.”

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