(Haute Living) Jacqueline Ball’s Servant Leadership Journey: From Startup Struggles To Digital Marketing Success


Servant Leadership: Jacqueline Ball’s Approach

Ball’s leadership philosophy revolves around the servant leadership model, where the CEO supports the entire team, with the client placed at the pinnacle of the organizational pyramid. By prioritizing the team’s well-being, she fosters dedication and exceptional performance, creating a domino effect of happy staff translating into happy clients. “Happy staff leads to happy clients.” This approach leads to a deeper and more intimate relationship between Sozoe team members and their clients.

Sozoe Creative takes a genuine interest in helping clients achieve their full potential. Everything about their service process from their first discovery call, followed by an onboarding kickoff call, where clients meet the entire team – is aimed at uncovering their clients’ goals and potential. This approach fosters collaboration and alignment with campaign objectives. For Ball, she knows that she is the one responsible for setting this tone in the company. “They [her team] know that I have their best interest at heart and that leads to exceptional dedication to the work and our clientele.” Sozoe Creative’s dedication extends to optimizing campaigns, designing creatives, and preparing for key dates, leaving clients confident in their partnership.

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