At Sozoe We Don't Just Understand Marketing.
We Understand the Aesthetic Role Design Has Behind Successful Marketing.

We have learned over the years what peaks interest and promotes action. Your advertising dollars are the fuel to your digital engine. It is our job to develop cost-effective paid search strategies that will generate more revenue or leads for your growing business.

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PPC Management

We have experienced PPC managers who work with you and your budget to determine KPI goals that make sense for your business. We help you strategize and reach your short term and long term ROI needs by implementing a plan that makes sense. Our keyword research and competitive analysis helps us determine how to place you above your competition. We don’t just focus on the front end of the funnel but we also help you with the end of the funnel by offering advice and insight into changes that may help in the sales process.


To ensure you are getting the most return for your advertising spend, we provide ongoing strategy assessment to manage your keyword strategy and Search Engine Optimization. Our SEO specialists take time to get to your complete business model so they can assess what would be most beneficial to your business.


Social Media Marketing

This service is one that sets us apart from most agencies. We have invested our own time and ad spend to develop advanced strategies for social media sales.  Our experience with the cross channel relationship of social media, PPC, and organic traffic has been a huge benefit to our clients.  Our services here also expand to local brick and mortar businesses. For example, if you are a store front in need of foot traffic… we know how to get them there! No matter what type of business you are we know how to help and which platform is a strong investment for you.

Did we mention that we work closely with people at both Facebook and Pinterest? We are agency partners who get early access to beta opportunities that give us a major advantage when advertising on these platforms. Read more about our two favorite platforms below:


Do you know the difference between a cold versus hot audience? How about where to find them? At Sozoe we specialize in remarketing tactics that get your brand in front of the right people so you do not waste any money on non releveant audiences. Have you ever run a print ad and wondered “How many people saw this and liked it”? Well what if you could tell exactly how many people took your brand in and engaged with it? This is what remarketing does! It weeds out the unengaged and gives you the opportunity to reach the right customers over and over again.

Did you know that a consumer needs to see your brand 3-4 times before taking an action or remembering who you are? The investment in brand awareness really shines through remarketing. We are here to help you leverage this!


Email Marketing

While email marketing still dominates the digital space, there are serious tools to take advantage of so your email strategy is highly optimized and highly profitable. With advanced segmentation, behavioral automation and personalized shopping cart features, we know how to customize your email marketing plan to reach the right customers.

Listrak Stats Vs Mailchimp Case Study



Annual Cost To Client


Average Open Rate


Average Monthly Revenue


Shopping Cart Abandonment Recovery Rate





Annual Cost To Client


Monthly Open Rate


Average Monthly Revenue


Shopping Cart Abandonment Recovery Rate



The case study above features one client who was using Listrak as their email marketing and CRM system. Their profitability was somewhat low for email marketing standards and the platform itself had limited design capabilities. We transitioned the client over to MailChimp and implemented a strategy that segmented their two product lines. We then segmented their audience into two separate groups based off buyer behavior and the type of products they were viewing on the website. The results exceeded our expectations and these automations are now running themselves with a small optimization plan each month.


Robust Reporting

We know reporting is an essential deliverable to measuring the impact of digital marketing efforts. We approach our reporting with key overview metrics that give you a birds eye view of how each channel affects the other. We then drill down into granular reports for each channel we are advertising on to understand key trends in your market.


We work with the most popular software and modules to maximize integration across all your assets.